Natural Gas Leaks, Odors or Emergencies

Natural Gas Appliance Facts

Natural Gas Cooking:
Preparing meals with a natural gas range or cooktop is simple, economical and fast! It’s no wonder professional chefs prefer to cook with natural gas. With a flick of a switch, natural gas provides instant heat. Burners heat evenly with no hot spots and control of the flame is infinite for split-second adjustment. When you turn the switch off, cooking stops! There’s no waiting for the burner to cool down like an electric cooktop.

Today’s gas ranges are designed with sealed burners to make clean up fast and easy. Whether you are choosing a natural gas range, cooktop, double oven or professional-style cooking equipment, there is a style to complement every kitchen!

Cooking Benefits:
  • Quick - instant heat with the turn of a knob
  • Dependable. – no waiting for burners to heat up or cool down. You also may be able to continue cooking in a power failure
  • Economical - costs less to cook with gas than electric
  • Precise – even heat with no hot spots, infinite control of the flame
energySMART Range Rebate: $200 to switch from non-gas appliance/$100 to replace existing appliance 
Clothes Drying:
With today’s active lifestyles, who wants to spend all day in the laundry room? No one! With a natural gas dryer, you won’t have to! Air heated with natural gas is warmer than air heated with electric. Clothes will dry much faster in a gas dryer versus an electric dryer. Gas dryers are economical, too. The average family of four does about ten loads of laundry a week. With a natural gas dryer, this family can dry clothes for about two-thirds the cost of an electric dryer.

Save time outside of the laundry room, too. Natural gas dryers are equipped with a standard feature called “Automatic Cool Down”. This feature cools the fabric and results in less static and wrinkles. That means less ironing for you! Gas dryers also come with a wide variety of cycle selections for specific fabrics to keep your clothes looking their best and help reduce wear.

Drying Benefits:

  • Quick - Dries clothes faster than electric
  • Dependable – Gas dryers have fewer moving parts than electric dryers
  • Economical – Can dry clothes for two-thirds the cost of an electric dryer

energySMART Dryer Rebate: $150 to switch from non-gas appliance/$100 to replace existing appliance  

The heating system is the heart of a home or business-keeping people warm inside regardless of the outside temperature. Many homes and businesses use a forced hot air system for heating. Natural gas hot air heating is more economical and feels more comfortable than an electric heat pump.

Furnace Benefits:

  • Warmer Air – air heated by a furnace feels warmer to the skin than that from a heat pump
  • More Efficient – new natural gas furnace technology reduces operating costs, controls humidity better and runs quieter
  • Efficiency Measures :
    • Standard Furnace:                            78% to 82% Efficient
    • Condensing (Natural Gas) Furnace: 90% to 97% Efficient
  • Scalable – natural gas heaters come in various configurations to carry warm air where it’s needed. Smaller area furnaces can provide local room heating. 

energySMART Furnace Rebate: $725 to switch from non-gas appliance/$500 to replace existing appliance 

Water Heaters:
Hot water is a part of everyday life and a necessity. Most people don’t give water heating a second thought, they expect to turn on a spigot or shower and have hot water available for use.
Water heaters are available in various models and sizes to fit almost any application for residential, commercial and even industrial customers.

Water Heater Benefits:
  • Gas Tank versus Electric Tank
    • Faster recovery: Heat water up to three times as fast as electricity
    • More hot water from a tank gas water heater than an electric unit
    • Save money
  • High efficiency tank versus standard tank
    • More efficient – save money
    • Can direct vent unit
  • Tankless Water Heater versus Tank Water Heater
    • More efficient – save money
      • Tank water heaters keep water hot around the clock where continuous water heaters only produce hot water when it is called for.
    • Never run out of hot water, continuous supply
    • No down time waiting for water heater to recover and be ready for use.
  • Many models work without power and can still provide hot water in a black out.
  • Versatility and sizing offer hot water when and where you need it.
energySMART Water Heater Rebate: up to $675 to switch from non-gas appliance/up to $550 to replace existing appliance 
Source: Energy Solutions Center,