Natural Gas Leaks, Odors or Emergencies

energySMART Residential Appliance Replacement

Replacing your older natural gas appliances with new, energy efficient models is one way to reduce your carbon footprint.  New natural gas appliances waste drastically less energy than appliances manufactured even ten years ago.

And now, with energySMART, you can make the right choice for your pocketbook and our planet with cash back when you choose an ultra-efficient natural gas water heater, furnace, cooktop/range or clothes dryer.

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In addition to replacing your existing natural gas appliances with newer, more efficient models, we offer rebates for switching to natural gas appliances from electric or propane. Learn More.

Benefits of Natural Gas Appliances

Water Heaters:
  • A tank-style natural gas water heater heats water up to three times as fast as an electric water heater
  • A tankless water heater only heats water when it is needed, meaning you're not paying to keep a tank of water continuously heated
  • Natural gas heat is more energy efficient than an electric heat pump
  • Air from a natural gas furnace feels warmer than from an electric heat pump
Gas Cooking:
  • Precision control - professional chefs prefer natural gas
  • Costs less to cook with gas than electric
Clothes Dryers:
  • Can dry clothes faster than electric
  • Can dry clothes for two-thirds the cost of an electric dryer
Gas Cooling/Dehumidification:
  • Control the humidity of your home during the sticky summer months
  • Natural Gas fueled cooling can offer significant energy savings over electric